NEW NHS SERVICE LAUNCHING 31ST JANUARY 2024 – Pharmacy First advanced service

A new service called Pharmacy First is being launched from 31st January 2024.

The NHS has been dealing with unprecedented demand due to a number of winter illnesses this season. The 111 service has been closed due to reaching full capacity by mid-morning in the last few weeks and at the surgery we have also had to stop taking appointment requests during the morning due to the clinical team reaching full capacity.

This new service will greatly help with the pressures of this demand on ours and the 111 service.

Patients can now walk into a local participating pharmacy and for certain ailments (shown below) the pharmacist will be able to prescribe medication, where needed, rather than referring you back to the GP for a prescription. Not only will this help ease pressure on General Practice, it also benefits the patient as you will be seen, prescribed & dispensed your medication at the same location.

The ailments and criteria for the Pharmacy First advanced service are:-

Acute Otitis Media (Ear infection) - 1 to 17 years
Impetigo - 1 year and over
Infected insect bites - 1 year and over
Shingles - 18 years and over
Sinusitis - 12 years and over
Sore throat - 5 years and over
Uncomplicated urinary tract infections Women - 16-64 years