Stokenchurch Medical Centre

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Contraception & Sexual Health Services

GU (genitourinary medicine, often used as alternative to sexual health clinic) Clinics offer free and confidential services including:

Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, including:
•Genital warts
•Genital herpes

Contraception clinics offer all methods of contraception, including ‘the pill’, patches, condoms, coils, implants and injections. All clinics can give advice on emergency hormonal contraception (morning after pill) and emergency coil, carry out pregnancy testing as required, and can make referrals for termination of pregnancy.

Locations and contraception and sexual health service opening times

There is also a free & confidential sexual & reproductive health service which is available 24 hours a day which offers home test kits & diagnosis & treatment. Visit the website for more details of the services available.