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Self Referral Services

On the pages in this section you can find out more information regarding the services which you can self-refer direct rather than waiting for an appointment to see your GP to ask for a referral.

You can find out more by clicking on the links.

Audiology (for adults)

Please only use this form for ADULTS. In order to help us help you more quickly please download, print and complete the Audiology Form. You will need to choose the ... [continue] Audiology (for adults)

Blood Tests

Blood test appointments are available at clinics at local hospitals, as well as at the surgery. These are no long operating as walk in services and you must choose your ... [continue] Blood Tests

Bowel Scope Screening

Bowel scope screening is a new test for people aged 55 where a thin, flexible tube with a camera at the end is used to look inside your bowel. It’s ... [continue] Bowel Scope Screening

Contraception & Sexual Health Services

GU (genitourinary medicine, often used as alternative to sexual health clinic) Clinics offer free and confidential services including: Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, including: •HIV •Syphilis •Gonorrhoea •Chlamydia •Genital ... [continue] Contraception & Sexual Health Services

Counselling Services in Bucks

There are many counselling services available in our area providing support for a wide range of needs.  Information on the support available and how to contact the services is contained ... [continue] Counselling Services in Bucks

Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds is a NHS service offering quick and easy access to talking therapies, practical support and employment advice. Anyone who is feeling depressed, anxious or stressed, is aged 18 ... [continue] Healthy Minds

Live Well Stay Well

Live Well Stay Well is a FREE health improvement service available to anyone over the age of 18 supporting people to make changes to their lifestyles that lead to a healthier ... [continue] Live Well Stay Well

Occupational Therapy & Community Care

You can now self refer direct to Buckinghamshire County Council for Occupational Therapy or Community Care depending on your needs. Please use the form most relevant to your enquiry (if you ... [continue] Occupational Therapy & Community Care


The podiatry service is available to people of all ages who have problems with their feet or lower limbs. The service is able to assess, diagnose and manage foot and ... [continue] Podiatry

Stop Smoking Support – Live Well Stay Well

If you are thinking about or currently trying to give up smoking and would like further advice or support help is available. Live Well Stay Well is a free service ... [continue] Stop Smoking Support – Live Well Stay Well

Termination of Pregnancy

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) offer a direct self referral service.  To find out more information about the services and support that they offer please visit their website

YOUNG PEOPLE – Self Referral Services

Below are some of the support services available to young people. TIME TO TALK – a counselling service for young people. Call 01296 329903 or 07764 210398 or more information ... [continue] YOUNG PEOPLE – Self Referral Services