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Stokenchurch PG History

A message and history from our Patient Group:-

The Patient Group (PG) has been in existence since 2007 to represent the interests of all patients registered with the Stokenchurch Medical Centre.

The first Annual General Meeting of the group was held on 1st November 2012 when after a vote for a chairman, secretary and committee members had taken place the group became formal and our Aims and Objectives document was adopted.

There is no charge to become a member of the PG. All that is needed is to register your contact details on one of the forms provided by us at the Local Library or by submitting your request via this online form

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Clearly it would be helpful to have members with families of various ages as well as individuals who we can contact from time to time so that our committee can properly represent the views of the patient community at large.

Please join us as a member and help to ensure that our Medical Centre remains among the top providers of care in Buckinghamshire.


Name The name of the Patient Group for the Stokenchurch Medical Centre shall be Stokenchurch Patient Group. (PG)
Aim To promote & encourage healthy living, the relief of sickness and the preservation and protection of health by fostering the highest possible standard of primary medical care through the medium of community patient participation.  
Objectives The PG members to act as a communication channel between the Stokenchurch Medical Centre team and the community at large and to encourage the Practice to implement policies influenced by patient views.
 The PG to have a role in assisting in assessment of community health needs and to help the Medical Centre maintain and improve its service by supporting health education meetings.
 The PG will expect to be informed of the general practice policies relating to the NHS Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group (BCCG) and Dashwood PCN Group to which the Stokenchurch Medical Centre belongs.  
 The PG may express opinions on these policies on behalf of the patients and request the practice to give appropriate consideration to these opinions within the BCCG
 To bring to the notice of the Medical Centre general comments and complaints received about the practice its systems and facilities and to follow up on any proposed action. Individual patient complaints cannot be discussed at PG meetings. There is a separate system for handling these via the Primary Care Trust / BCCG and the Health Service Ombudsman.
 In conjunction with the Medical Centre to give support to the Bucks Carer’s Group and assist in arranging other voluntary support groups within the community.
Activities of the PPG To liaise with other PG’s in the cluster area and attend the Locality Group meetings.
 To be associated with the National Association for Patient Participation NAPP
Membership Membership shall be open and free to all patients over the age of 18 of the Stokenchurch Medical Centre.


Committee A committee will be selected from nominations annually at the AGM from the patients group to represent the PG
  A Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary will be appointed from the committee annually and the Practice Manager will be an ex-officio member.
 The Committee will meet four times per annum with ad hoc meetings as required as special or urgent matters arise.
 The Committee may co-opt people for any special purposes.



An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held annually in November. Notice of the day, time and place will be given via, notice boards, Medical Centre website and on social media.
 Any item for the agenda shall be sent to the Secretary for consideration at least four weeks prior to the AGM date.
The committee will present at the Annual General Meeting a report on its activities.
These Aims, Objectives and Rules will be updated as and when necessary.


BCCG   Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group


PCN      Primary Care Network


PCT      Primary Care Trust


NAPP   National Association for Patient Participation.


A Stokenchurch sub committee which was set up for Carers in the Stokenchurch area which has now been superseded by Carers Bucks Adult Support Team. The Carers Bucks Adult Support Team is open to anyone in a caring roll as peer support is invaluable.  The group is involved with the PCN and support workers will provide the best possible care although there are financial restraints from BCC who commissioned the group.


The NHS Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group consists of the 52 GP practices in Buckinghamshire

The 52 GP practices are divided into Primary Care Networks (PCN) and the Stokenchurch Medical Centre is in the Dashwood PCN Locality

Dashwood PCN comprises of the following surgeries:

Carrington House – Priory Road, High Wycombe

Chiltern House Surgery – Temple End, High Wycombe

Cressex Health Centre – Cressex Business Park, High Wycombe

Riverside Surgery – George Street, High Wycombe

Stokenchurch Medical Centre – Oxford Road, Stokenchurch

Wye Valley Surgery – Wycombe Hospital, Alexander Road, High Wycombe

Full information about NHS Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group can be found on their web site